exposition de groupe au Musée Frissiras à Athènes du 13 octobre 2010 au 27 février 2011

Naked Truth

Date: 13.10.2010 – 27.02.2010

Frissiras Museum presents, from October 13, 2010 to February 27, 2011, at the building at 3 Monis Asteriou str, the exhibition “Naked Truth”. This exhibition attempts an exciting journey of exploring the way in which leading european and greek painters have ,the challenge of representing the naked human body. Starting with their works from the Frissiras Museum permanent collection, the viewer is offered a unique chance to go through a kaleidoscope of multiple different and usually deeply personal itineraries of expression ranging from the timid awkwardness of their student years when they were making their first steps in art to the triumphs of their maturity years when their efforts led to masterpieces leaving their indelible sign on contemporary european painting. Rejecting fake and convention, at the forefront of this art stands the naked human figure in its true essence, either revealing the tragedy of human mortality, condemned to decadence and death or in its heroic form struggling to emulate the divine. The artists of the exhibition:PAT ANDREA, APOSTOLOS GEORGIOU, BOGUMIŁ KSIĄŻEK, CHRONIS BOTSOGLOU, VLADIMIR VELICKOVIC, DEMOSTHENIS SKOULAKIS, VINCENT CORPET, ALEXIS VEROUKAS, MARC DESGRANDSCHAMPS, VASSILIS DIONISSOPOULOS, KONSTANTINOS KERESTENTZIS, ALEXANDER TINEI, JEAN RUSTIN, MARIA FILOPOULOU, YIANNIS PSYCHOPEDIS, GRZEGORZ WNĘK, KONSTANTINOS VAVILOUSSAKIS, LIDA KONTOYIANNOPOULOU, LAMBRINI BOVIATSOU, YIANNIS MELANITIS, KOSTAS TSOKLIS, FRÉDÉRIC LÉGLISE, YIANNIS VALAVANIDIS, ANDREA MARTINELLI, FRÉDÉRIQUE LOUTZ, ELENI MORAITI, MARC JONES, DIETER MAMMEL, YIORGOS KOURKOUVELOS, DIMITRIS PAPAIOANNOU, VANGELIS PLIARIDIS, FLORIAN MERKEL, TASSOS MANTZAVINOS, ANTONIS TSAKIRIS, MATHIAS SCHAUWECKER, ACHILLEAS PISTONIS, PIERRE ÉDOUARD, AGNÈS BAILLON, ANDREAS KONDELIS, THANASSIS MAKRIS, ACHILLEAS PAPAKOSTAS, ALEXIA XAFOPOULOU, KOSTAS DAOULAS, EDOUARD SACAILLAN, VASSILIS SOULIS, ATTILA SZÜCS, DIMITRIS TZAMOURANIS, PANAYIOTIS LAMBRINIDIS, TRIANTAFILLOS PATRASKIDIS, KALLIROI MAROUDA, DIMITRIS FOTOU, MICHALIS MANOUSSAKIS, PANAGIOTIS BELTEKOS, MICHALIS ZISIOU, PANOS FIDAKIS, DINO VALLS, XIANG SHI.

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